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& Magazine

& Magazine is a free downloadable magazine for AD&D and its many many relatives. Each issue is centered on a specific theme, covering both the player and GM perspectives.

Map Icons

I dug these black and white cartography / mapping icons by Dominique Crouzet out of the old Inkwell Ideas forums. Since they're very cool, and Dominique released them under CC BY-SA, and old forum links are unreliable, I'm resharing them here. This archive contains the originally released PNG files, along with a separate folder of Gimp brushes I created from the originals.

One Page Dungeons


Contest Archives

Nutty Clusters

Nutty Clusters is a Windows application for creating great-looking cluster diagrams for the Diaspora RPG, and outputting them in attractive JPEG format with all the elegant loops and circles intact. It's fully customisable, the colour scheme can be changed to suit your needs and saved for later use independently of the cluster itself. You can let the generator do all the hard work with just a single button click, it will even select random system names and aspects, or you can edit to your heart's content.

Nutty Clusters can output cluster diagrams up to 16 systems wide in a variety of resolutions from thumbnail to high-quality print, and the results can be used in your own projects any way you like without restriction. The program is extremely quick and easy to use, and comes with a full PDF manual just in case.

Nutty Clusters was created by Ashok Desai of Sane Studios

Minecraft Worlds

Archives of some save games from Minecraft.