PBE Games : Gemstone Generator


This generator creates random gemstone descriptions to add some color to typical treasures recovered by adventurers. To use, select the base value of the gemstones desired and push the button. The generator will take care of the rest, creating a selection of gems based on the starting value selected.

The generator is very loosely based on the gem tables found in the 1st editon Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide. Generated gem values will vary (sometimes greatly) from the base value desired depending on the die rolls that come up. All gem values are expressed in gold pieces (GP), which can be translated to whatever value system you desire. Values generated are loosely based on reality, but feel free to alter results as desired.

Note: On average the gemstone randomizer will increase gem values significantly. The randomizer uses the base value progression from the form below when modifying gems. On average a -1 modifier halves the value of a gem, while a +1 modifier doubles it. This means positive modifiers have significantly greater impact on gem values.

Gem Generator

Gemstone Base Value
Gemstone Variance

Gemstone Generator version 1.0