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To verify message content from from this server, do the following:

  1. Copy / paste the text in the signed section of the message (including the beginning and ending lines) into the Message box below.
  2. Copy / paste the signature (the string of random characters) into the Signature box below.
  3. Hit the Submit button below.

The resulting page will confirm the authenticity of the message. Note that if a message fails verification be sure you have copied it exactly from the original message. Common problems include:

  • Mailers that line wrap messages.
  • Mailers that convert message to HTML.
  • HTML tags in comment fields.
  • International character set conversions.
  • Partial message copy / paste.

Note that the verifier has been updated to use a better hashing algorithm to generate signatures. New signatures are longer. Old signatures will still be verified using the old method.



Verify version 1.0