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Preset Languages: First Names
Preset Languages: Surnames
Name Type
Name Length
Pattern Length
Primary Source
American Basque Greek
Italian Japanese Norwegian
Sanskrit Slavic
Secondary Source
American Basque Greek
Italian Japanese Norwegian
Sanskrit Slavic


This generator creates random names for NPCs based on letter frequencies in base languages. Frequecies are calculated based on dictionaries of names drawn from various languages. There are two ways to use it. You can select one of the preset language buttons which will automatically generate a set of names and configure the custom form options for subsequent generation cycles. Or, you can customize name and pattern length length, choose at least one name source, and hit the submit button. You can select as many primary and/or secondary sources as you like. Each primary source contributes approximately twice as much weight to the naming patterns as a secondary source.

Because source names vary in length, the name length setting may not work as well as you might expect. If the source data favors shorter names, for example, selecting the long option may not give you as many long names. Note: due to the random nature of this generator, it's quite possible for lewd or offensive words to be generated. If you don't want to see them don't push the button!

NPC Namer version 1.2