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This dice roller produces results based on the standard dice mechanic and skill / ability ranks used in the Fate RPG. It will generate individual skill rolls, apply bonuses, and present results using the standard Fate ladder. Note: the roller has been updated to reflect the Fate 3.0 ladder as presented in Spirit of the Century.

Results that fall outside the standard level range are represented with the nearest level value and a bonus (for example Legendary+3).

If you are sending rolls to a mailing list (such as a Yahoo Group), please be sure the address [email protected] can send mail to the list. If possible please set this address to NOT receive list mail. My inbox will appreciate it.

The Display option (see Show Results) may not be safe for actual play depending on usage. Nothing prevents an unscrupulous player from hitting reload repeatedly to obtain results they desire.

Email Addresses

Fill in at least one email address unless the Display option is chosen below. The roller does some rudimentary address checking when rolls are generated, but please double-check addresses for accuracy. All addresses attempted are included in the signed message.

Fate Ladder

Summary of Rolls

A brief summary of what this roll is for. This field is optional.

Show Results

Indicate if rolls should be emailed to the addresses listed, displayed on a results page, or both.

Individual Rolls

Fill out up to five sets of rolls. Each set of rolls has:

  • Description - a description of the roll, included in the results. Rolls with empty descriptions are ignored.
  • Skill level - the base skill level used for this roll. The result is this value plus the results of a standard Fate roll (four FUDGE dice).
  • Bonus - a numeric bonus value applied to the result.


Signed rolls can be verified here: http://www.pbegames.com/verify/

Mail Issues

  • No known issues.

The Roller

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